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Samsung Galaxy M21 Smartphone Review
Samsung Galaxy M21Samsung is currently one of the most productive smartphone manufacturers. Recently,The brand launched the Galaxy M21, one more midrange smartphone from Samsung & it is basically a variation of M-series.Starting at a very affordable price,the Galaxy M21 comes with an AMOLED screen, 6,000mAh battery,a decent amount of RAM and plenty of storage, and of course the Samsung brand. The Samsung Galaxy ... read
Huawei Nova 3i Review
Huawei Nova 3i ReviewHuawei created the whole Nova series of smartphone for the youths. By listening to feedback on the previous generations of Nova smartphones and learning from their targeted audience. they managed to refine some key attributes that draw youths towards it. The new Nova 3 series focuses on 3 main aspects, 1. affordability, 2. great camera performance and 3. game performance. Huawei thinks that smartpho ... read


Samsung Galaxy Watch6 and Galaxy Watch6 Classic: Inspiring Your Best Self, Day and Night
Samsung Galaxy Watch6 and Galaxy Watch6 Classic: Inspiring Your Best Self, Day and NightThe new Galaxy Watch6 series provides personalized health guidance, purposeful design upgrades and an enhanced mobile experience for a more informed and healthier self. Samsung announced the new Galaxy Watch6 and Galaxy Watch6 Classic1, designe ... read
Ways to Speed up your Android Smartphone
Ways to Speed up your Android SmartphoneEverything from long-distance communication to shopping is now happening on a smartphone. From using social media to playing games, smartphones are now relied upon for everything. Many people are shortening the life of the smartphone by keeping it busy all the time. It can be seen ... read